Ben Hogan and Otey Crisman PGA golf professionals

Ben Hogan and Otey teaching wounded Vets!

In 1946, a young golf professional from Selma, Alabama had a dilemma and an idea. Otey Crisman, JR. was a great ball-striker, player, and man. The one thing missing from his game was what happened on the greens. Putting held him back from beating the legends of that day. To name a few, Ben Hogan, Doug Ford and Jimmy Demaret all walked the PGA fairways in that classic age, and Otey had to find a way to compete...

At the U.S. Open qualifying in Birmingham, AL that year, Otey showed up with a new weapon in his bag. He had designed and manufactured a first of its kind; a mallet style putter with a hickory shaft. The putter head was also ahead of its time, as a soft metal brass insert was embedded in the aluminum head. Two lead weights on either side of the insert created a "center balance", reducing torque and improving solid contact.

Mr. Crisman finished with the 4th lowest qualifying score in the country with his trusty "Otey"! Yet as the season progressed, it was his new putter that got all the attention rather than his play. His fellow touring professionals began requesting an "Otey" of their own, and the rest is history...

Future World Golf Hall of Fame member Jimmy Demaret won the 1947 Masters at Augusta National, with an Otey putter!

As Mr. Crisman concentrated on building his growing business, the wins continued to mount for his former playing competitors. Hundreds of PGA, LPGA, and Amateur titles can be documented with his American Made, handcrafted brand. 6 Masters Champions carried an Otey putter, and in the 1957 Masters, 27 of the 83 in the field had an Otey in their bag!

Hand turned and finished hickory shafts, combined with the design of the putter head, created a "transfer" of feel from the ball to the player. As tour great Miller Barber was quoted, (winner of 7 PGA tour events and 28 Senior tour titles), "An Otey gives you a live hit, I know where the ball is going every time"...

70 years later, most modern putters now use an "insert" to improve results. Otey Crisman was ahead of his time, with performance and design!

Here is a partial list of some of the legends of Golf that have rolled it with the classic and timeless "Otey" - History in their hands...

Bob Goalby - Cary Middlecoff - Doug Ford

Jimmer Demarett ('50 Masters) - Jack Burke ('56 Masters) - Miller Barber

Arnold Palmer ('58 Masters) - Paul Runyan - Rick Massengale

Ben Crenshaw - Tony Lema - Carol Mann

Mickey Wright - Nancy Lopez - Babe Didrikson Zaharias 

Doug Ford and Jackie Burke - Masters Champs Used an Otey!

Holding his Otey - Golf Magazine 2017

Augusta national masters winner Jack Burke and his Otey Crisman putter

Vice President Qualye

Vice President Dan Quayle trying out an Otey Crisman putter  

President Ford awarded an Otey

The King 

PGA legend Arnold Palmer thanking Otey for the putter


Otey Crisman putter brochure for handcrafted design make in America

Country music star Randy Owens 

Country music star Randy Ownes receiving his Otey Crisman putter

Bob Hope and Otey III

Comedic legend Bob Hope speaking with Otey the third about his classic putters

Native Alabamian Charles Barkley

NBA hall of fame member Charles Barkley receiving an Otey Crisman putter

Gary Player

Chi-Chi Rodriguez

President Trump