• Made in U.S.A.

  • Since 1946

  • Face Balanced

  • Handcrafted

Made in U.S.A.

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Since 1946

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Face Balanced

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Otey Putters Made In America!

The Otey is an exclusive, handcrafted putter still made in America since 1946. The 1st putter with an insert for feel and performance.

Face balanced by design, with precision ahead of its time! Each club is an individual work of art, by the hands of Otey III.

*Own a piece of golf history!


  • 18 HBW Hickory Shaft
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  • 18 HB Hickory shaft
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Handcrafted Heads

Made in America

One At A Time


30 day refund guarantee

Masters Champs Ford & Burke


Hogan & Otey

Charles Barkley

Randy Owens


An Otey gives you a live hit, I know where the ball is going every time! Otey Crisman on a putter is like Stradivarius on a violin.

Miller Barber, PGA/Champions Tour Legend

Thank you very much for the fine job you did on putter. Thanks for making it for me!

Arnold Palmer, PGA Hall of Famer

I took up golf after losing my vision in WWII. I can feel the ball on the club face better than any putter I've touched!

Charley Boswell, 17 time blind golf champion

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