Classic Otey Crisman putters, the first to offer inserts to improve performance on the golf course greens.
Hickory putter shaft improves feel and performance.
Handcrafted made in America putters since 1946.
Brass inserts in Otey Crisman putters enhance performance on the greens.
18 HB Hickory shaft
18 HB Hickory shaft

18 HB Hickory shaft

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  • Handcrafted in Alabama since 1946 
  • Brass insert keeps ball on face/line longer
  • Dual lead weights create center strikes
  • Offset hosel for putting performance
  • Hickory shaft provides feedback and feel
  • Shaft is heat dried and lacquer sealed
  • Premium hand wrapped leather grip 
  • Head cover included
  • Hundreds of wins on the PGA/LPGA tour

*Engraving upon request!